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Quiz on Korea Final Seoul 2012

August 21st, 2012 The day I have waited for so long!. I got into the airplane to Atlanta, then Atlanta- South Korea, 24 hrs later I was landing in Incheon Airport at 4:00am. The Latinas had arrived almost at the same time VerĂ³nica (Dominican Republic), Isabel (Colombia), MaJo (El Salvador) and me. Staff from the Quiz were waiting for us with a camera >.<

We got on the bus to our hotel in Seoul, that small trip was full of girlish things and a mix of emotions, everything spoken in Spanish, our language, we were so exited!.

We had some free time while waiting for the rest to arrive, we went to Myeondong, Insadong, and they take us to lunch, at night we met the newcomers, so many different countries that in my life I had never heard about, really nice people.

They took care of us very well, nice hotels, nice buses, expensive restaurants, snacks ans beverages all the time. Korean students were with us as translators, really nice people and the guide that never let us alone in the seven days we were under her care.

In Seoul we visited Gyeonbukgung, Nansam Tower and KBS Music Bank, we got to see BOA performing "Only you" and Teen Top, what a shame we have to leave very soon.

Time to visit the country side and record for the program! Because of the recording schedule, we have to be ready very early. We took the KTX train and started to visit historical places like Bulguksa, Seokguram Grotto, we did a temple stay, visited Anapji and Hahoe folk village.

Since we got on the KTX lots of cameras were with us all the time, it was weird, but after a time you didn't even notice them. They made us do some games, like guessing the word your team mates are trying to mimic, and find the place where a picture was taken and guess the word it was related to.

I think they were like 4 days non stopping visiting all those places and more, running, playing, doing some Buddhist martial art for hours, waking up at 4 and climbing a mountain to pray, sleeping on the floor in some cases and fighting against a Typhoon, hahaha very busy but fantastic days!

Time to go back to Seoul, I remember my bed felt so nice I could have been sleeping there for weeks, but not time for that, we had some lunch with important people, and starting to get ready for the Final Quiz.

We went out at night, visited Dongdaemun, some idol's cafe and stores... Time Out Gelato was so cute!

Final, we had ready our traditional clothes, went to KBS to do a rehearsal and then the real thing would begin. We knew EXO-K and Kara were performing that night in from of us. One of the MCs was Sooyoung from Girls Generation. So after all, we finally got to meet some famous idols :D


Yeah, that's me representing my country

The Final Quiz had three rounds, the first 3 questions were related to the places we visited, the rest were about Korean traditions and culture, some of then very difficult. From every round there would be just one person who will pass to the final round, in which they have to choose a question and answer it. 

And, here is the winner!! Congratulations! Hulkar from Uzbekistan.

Thank you very much Korean Foundation and KBS for the opportunity!!, It was amazing, I learned a lot and made new friends from all around the world. I hope you have success in the future editions and more people get to visit and love Korea as we did, Thank You.

And to all the special people that were part of this, thank you! I will never forget you!

And here is the full program, hope you like it!

And this is not the end of my first trip to South Korea... wait for the next post... Lost in Korea ;)

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