Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Incheon Korean Wave Concert 2013

I'm sorry.. I've been busy and couldn't update this blog but here we go...

Incheon Korean Wave concert 2013, it was one of the best Kpop concert in my life, a lot of KPOP groups together indiferently from which enternainment company they are from... which groups? Holly.. they were so many that is impossible for me to remember all of them, so I'm posting the original poster of the concert so you can read all the groups that participated. Shame JYJ were not invited and that Shinee and Infinite were away..

 How I got my ticket? It was actually for free, well not exactly but yes hahaha. Foreigners have a lot of advantages while being in Korea, one of those advantages is that all the VIP zone was reserve for us. How to get the tickets? Easy! They had some missions from which you could choose one. Missions were. 1. take a picture of yourself in a famous place in Incheon, 2. bring the purchase ticket of any meal you had in Incheon over 5,000 won ($5), and the last one (and the one I chose) 3. Show the reservation in any acomodation within Incheon (hotel, motel or hostel). As you see it was part of a campaign to promote turism in Incheon and the introduction to the Asian Games Incheon 2014, I personally think it was a really good idea and the missions were not very difficult, so everyone could have a chance to participate.

So, actually, you get registered with your personal details (including date you come and leave Korea) and the mission you want to acompplish. Second step: Come to Korea (if you are not here). Third: work on your mission, and last but not least: wake up early and go to the place (previously announced) to pick up your ticket.. oh I forgot.. enjoy the concert!!!.

It was pretty long (but nobody complained about that :P), but very well organized, and as they promised us we had the BEST seats just some steps from the stage. I had the EXO boys standing less than one meter from me, common almost every idol was that closed xP (don't hate me)

It was really AMAZING seeing how the fandoms got organized to show their love to the idols. I have to say "Beauties" (B2ST) you are AWESOME!, I really loved your project. They used the Flash lights from their cellphones and perfectly wrote BEAST in the ocean of people, it was really beautiful and I can bet the guys really liked it ;)

Good thing I chose the mission 3, the concert ended very late, so there was not subway to go back to Seoul, so, the fact that I reserved a room in a motel near was of big help ;) I could see hundreds of people leaving before the concert ended trying to catch the last train, shame! It should has ended earlier.

Anyways, the concert ended with all the groups coming back to stage and singing together, throwing some towels and other things (I was bussy taking videos kkk)

I have more than 200 pictures and of very bad quality (due to emotion and other girlish things haha) but you can find a lot of pics on internet. Something I want to complain about is that most of foreign fans they bring their super powerful cameras, one standing next to the other one and sometimes getting on the way so at the end nobody can see, HORRIBLE!, it make you look like paparazzis and you know what the idols see? 
Actually they see NOTHING!!! you blind them with your crazy flashes x(
If you go to any of this concerts, Enjoy!! take some pictures to keep memories, but don't try to record every move of all the idols, you will miss the fun :)

My favorites? Beast, BAP, Exo, 2AM, MBLAQ, SUJU and all the other boy groups ;)

I got a video of the end, enjoy!

Best part of the concert is sharing with friends ^^ thanx Maryam, Yetza and Elias :) Oh I forgot! Some of the Quiz on Korea 2013 participants went to the concert! ^^

bad quality :(

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