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Elisabeth The Musical

My second pre-trip reserved ticket! Elisabeth The Musical, with Kim Junsu

In this post I will tell you how hard to get(almost impossible) some tickets can be.

Well, to be fan of a very famous Kpop group it  has its disadvantages, one and the most worrisome it's to get tickets to see your idols!. I have to confess that being a Cassiopeia is very difficult, our idols are literally the Gods from the West, so guess what? Tickets disappear in just some minutes! >.<

So, How did I get my ticket? ------> MIRACLE

When I was looking for tickets, (I must say I was late and I didn't have hope to find any), I searched for the dates Kim Junsu will be performing, and one by one, all dates were already sold out!, not even one damn space for me! I hated myself for not being aware of this before!

But I didn't loose my faith (what reminds me of JJ and YC tatoo: Always keep the faith), I checked the dates again and again every day, and there it was!! One ticket got canceled and it was available!!

Have you ever bought a ticket in less than 2 minutes? that was my first time, I didn't want to loose my opportunity to see Junsu singing in a musical, I found out how skillful I can be in emergency situations, I filled up all the spaces in a blink of an eye #proudofmyself

So, Thanks to my Gods I got my ticket, it was going to be held in the National Theatre, I dress up formally, black dress and high heels (which I wanted to take them off just minutes after! there were killing me!), and to my surprise everybody were wearing blue jeans and flip flops. I did hate even more the high heels I was wearing.

The place was fantastic and huge!, I noticed at that moment how far from the stage my seat was, or do I have to say how high away? anyway, it's better than nothing.

I could tell we all were Junsu's fans, every time we heard his voice, sounds of excitement arose everywhere.

I didn't even blink, it was so fantastic and charming, the stage changed so many times and each one of them were so amazing. You could see the inside of a castle, and some minutes later, it was a beautiful park and a river with boats, how is it possible?

Their voices, no words, they made it so vivid, I just wanted to cry time to time.

Now I will tell you about Elisabeth's story (or what I understood it was)

Elisabeth is from a well known family, when she was a kid she liked to walk in a rope. One time she went to the circus and start walking on the rope and felt off. Tod (the death) went to take her with him, but something happened (don't ask me what) but he let her live.
Elisabeth grew up, and got married to some kind of noble man, Tod always visited her and sang to her try to convince her to go with him, but she always refuse.
Elisabeth had a baby, but Tod take him  away (he died after birth). Tod was so mad at her, he was jealous because she was with other man, so that was his revenge.
After some years she got pregnant again, it was a boy and he grew up without his mother, Elisabeth was not allow to be with him and to rise him. Elisabeth was so depressed, Tod visited often, but she didn't want to died and leave her son alone. Tod also visited the son, and keep him company.
After a lot of years, when the son was older, he didn't want to be like his father, he followed the advises Tod gave to him and tried to get free, but plans didn't go well and he became a betrayer, Tod had planned everything from the beginning, he went to him for the last time, sang to him and convinced him to kill himself with a gun.
Elizabeth could not take it anymore, and when Tod appeared in front of her, she kissed him and died, so at the end Tod got what he wanted.

Junsu's role was really mysterious, He always had to laugh very darkly, always wearing black extravagant clothes, and his songs were very powerful and with a bit of rock on it. *sighs*

Something I will always remember is when all light turned on as if the show had ended, I got up, put on my shoes and almost left haha, nobody told me there was a break *ashamed* but actually I was glad I had more time to see the performance, it was so damn good...

It lasted 3 hours, full of good songs, scenarios, dresses, choreographs... at the end public stood up and clap for 20 minutes, when Junsu showed up it was even louder.

I am really happy I have chosen to be fan of a very talented persons, they really deserve to be so popular. Hardworking, handsome and talented... did I said handsome? yes, sorry :P

Conclusion: Another MUST watch!!

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